What do hackers want?

What do hackers want?

If your small business website is hacked, it could be for one of the following reasons:

A hacker can use your website to get your visitors to download malicious software and access their computers. This can give the hackers access to all sorts of private information.

A hacker can hook into your resources. They could be after a free ride by using the server that you pay for to send out spam emails and perform other attacks at your expense. This can up your hosting charges as more resources are used on your account and could also result in your server and website being blacklisted.

A hacker might want to redirect your website traffic to their site for financial gain. As they push your website traffic to their website, their views shoot up and they could be earning off your traffic, too.

How do WordPress websites get hacked?

  • 8% of WordPress websites get hacked because of weak passwords.
  • 22% of WordPress websites get hacked because of vulnerable and outdated plugins
  • 29% of WordPress website hackers gain access through themes
  • 41% gain access through hosting.As well as keeping all your software up to date, a WordPress specialist can run regular security reports on your website to keep on top of things. If the scans bring up anything unusual, you can rest assured it’s being dealt with as quickly as possible. A big part of website care is optimizing your website to prevent these attacks happening in the first place.

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